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What's New

Jul.1,2017 Wisdom Networks named New Exectives
Takaharu Ito was named CEO.
Jan.1,2007 Wisdom Networks named New Exectives
Makoto Yoshino was named CEO and Susumu Kubo was appointed Chairman.
Apl.1,2006 Wisdom Networks named New Exectives
Susumu Kubo was named CEO and Takaharu Ito was appointed COO.
Jan.1,2006 Relaunched our web site
Oct.1,2005 Our Tokyo Office relocated to the BUREX Kojimachi Bldg.
Aug.26,2005 Started a corporate blogging service “Our Network of Wisdom”
Aug.22,2005 Launched a trial-based portal service by UnitedPortal and started a corporate blogging service “Kampo Pocket Reference”
Feb.28,2005 Financed UnitedPortal